August 2, 2014

CBD Resource Center

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of hemp and cannabis that may work as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller,  muscle relaxer, anti-cancer, and relaxing agent, without causing the “high” typical of smoked cannabis. There is a rapidly growing body of research supporting the vast therapeutic properties of CBD, but it has historically been unavailable to many people who need it the most.

This resource center is a point of reference for recent studies, tests, or just general resources regarding CBD research and certain conditions. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Please click on the links below to read more on recent developments in any of the following areas:

» Anxiety / Depression and CBD
Cannabidiol is a non-psychotomimetic compound that induces anxiolytic and antipsychotic-like effects in animal models.

» Arthritis and CBD
Studies suggests cannabidiol may have utility in treating a number of disorders known to involve activation of the immune system & oxidative stress.

» Autism and CBD
The findings implicate specific molecules, called endocannabinoids, in the development of some autism cases and point to potential treatment strategies.

» CBD Cancer Resource Center
Brain Cancer
Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
Lung Cancer
Prostate Cancer

» Epilepsy/Seizures and CBD
Findings show CBD as a novel antiepileptic drug in unmet clinical need associated with generalized seizures.

» Migraines/Headaches and CBD
Study confirms a dysfunction of the endocannabinoid system may contribute to development of migraine attacks.

» Multiple Sclerosis and CBD
Studies find cannabinoids including the cannabidiol/THC buccal spray are effective in treating neuropathic pain in MS.

»Pain/Inflammation and CBD
The systemic and intrathecal administration of CBD significantly suppress chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

» Parkinson’s Disease and CBD
Findings point to possible effect of CBD in improving quality of life measures in Parkinson’s Disease patients.

» Pet Therapy and CBD
Dogs and cats are susceptible to many of the same illnesses as people.  This is why many of the conditions CBD is effective for in humans is similarly effective in animals. Recent research in pet therapy and cannabidiol shows improved vitality & overall health. This includes reduction in aggression, anxiety & behavior problems.

» Psychosis and CBD
Another component – cannabidiol – appeared to relieve psychosis, depression and anxiety.

» PTSD and CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) may present a pharmacological profile similar to mood stabilizing drugs, in addition to anti-oxidative.

» Skin Care and CBD
Study results propose that CBD may be used as a highly efficient and side effect-free anti-acne medication.

» Sleep Disorders and CBD
Study finds that CBD induces alertness and might be of therapeutic value in sleep disorders such as excessive somnolence.

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  • Hi I am looking into CBD and get off all my meds. I have chronic pain from back pain fibromyalgia, arthritis also depression and anxiety. I don’t want to feel high but these pain pills I just don’t want anymore. Please help with suggestions of where to start. I also have migraines I take meds for.

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