Police Arresting People for Legal Hemp, CBD

In our “Hemp Farming Legality Update 5/2/19” we wrote about how Idaho State Police arrested a truck driver transporting federally legal hemp from Oregon to Colorado. Lawyers for the company transporting the hemp argued that the arrest violated the 2018 Farm Bill and Commerce Clause of the Constitution in that it blocked interstate commerce. Police Read more about Police Arresting People for Legal Hemp, CBD[…]

Hemp Farming Legality Update 5/2/19

Idaho State Police Seize 7000 Pounds of Hemp, Company Suing Federal law may have legalized industrial hemp, but it’s up to the states to decide whether they want the strain of Cannabis sativa containing less than 0.3% THC legalized in their own states. However, does this give states the right to block interstate commerce of Read more about Hemp Farming Legality Update 5/2/19[…]

The Politics Of Medical Marijuana Takes Front Stage

Last week, the Republican debate took a turn to focus on marijuana laws in the US. Moderator Jake Tapper took to a question popular on social media, asking about candidates views on marijuana legalization. He quoted Governor Christie, who recently said ‘if you’re getting high in Colorado today,’ where marijuana has been legalized, ‘enjoy it until January 2017, Read more about The Politics Of Medical Marijuana Takes Front Stage[…]

One Girl Leads The Battle For Medical Marijuana In Mexico

In Mexico City, 8 year old Graciela Elizalde lives with a rare disease that makes her suffer from up to 400 epileptic convulsions every day. Despite having to endure surgery and seeking out alternative treatments, her epileptic fits “have greatly grown in intensity, force, and frequency” her mother said. […]

International Relations: Cannabis & CBD Oil Continues To Find Support

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, recently stepped forward to help clarify some of the misinformation circling marijuana and cannabidiol. As one of the world’s top experts on the application and misuse of cannabis and research, Volkow believes “what we can say with certainty is that cannabis contains active ingredients with potential therapeutic properties. […]