The Trouble With Life Saving Cures

The Trouble With Life Saving Cures

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Not yet two months ago I discovered CBD oil, which is a totally legal relative of marijuana that is taken orally and requires no prescription.

I was dumbfounded by the discovery and threw myself into learning all about CBD oil so I could tell others.

I began and continue taking CBD oil every day

CBD had been in use for years without me paying attention, because my problem was I had the standard American opinion of anything connected to marijuana. Here is what that was

It is hard to take stoners seriously if they look and sound stoned. They appear to have been the first to try to make money on the medicinal benefits of marijuana and CBD oil.

I smoked a lot of pot or dope in my thirties and beyond. I never thought there was anything disturbing being done to me by smoking dope. I still believe it is better to smoke dope than drink alcohol, which I do just before lights out.

CBD oil does not sedate me though I guess it does some people

What if you had a cure for cancer and nobody believed you?

That is a problem with CBD oil and medical marijuana. The people talking about it, selling it (CBD), and putting videos online often look and sound like functional illiterates; many of the video presenters can’t put a paragraph together without using the F-word several times. So they lose credibility with grown-ups who should be the principal market for CBD oil, because adults have the most physical problems, and the most money.

Very young children have also used CBD oil to great ends.

Most doctors reject medical marijuana and CBD oil; that is, until a loved one is out of options. I really think they are so dishonest for doing that. Ditto for politicians who don’t even know what CBD oil is, and act like they will go to hell if they legalize it or medical marijuana.

The preceding paragraphs are an abbreviated explanation of what I meant by the first line in this column. It is the same that happens to all products that are badly marketed.

Starting with the next column I will get deeper into the disaster that is most of CBD oil marketing.

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