CBD Promising for Treating Brain Damage in Preemies

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There were a number of other research stories in which cannabis beat a placebo that were touted with much amazement during this Symposium, with conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease, PTS Disorders, Neuropathy, Substance Abuse and Seizure Disorders, to Memory Improvement, Psychiatric Conditions, and so much more! Pharmaceutical researchers aren’t really used to these kinds of results; typically they just hope not to kill the patient too quickly, even if it is a laboratory mouse. (BTW: No cancer treatment currently marketed beats placebo in clinical trials, but cannabis does!). When you consider that we humans all have an eCS system which reacts favorably to the phytocannabinoids from this amazing plant, it’s somehow common sense that cannabis beats placebos in trials—at least to me, as a patient, social researcher, and more adept scientist than I previously recognized.

But now this grandma is also really angry! When I first started exploring cannabis it was about my own health issues, and I just figured we didn’t know what we didn’t know yet. But now, this has affected my babies and my babies’ babies (and so many, many family’s babies)! It’s time for the science to reach the masses so that we can understand we have a safe choice and options beyond hazardous treatments.

The science required to remove cannabis from the Schedule of Controlled Substances has been conducted and is far more than adequate, yet every citizen with an eCS (100%) and every citizen who supports the medicalization of cannabis (87%) wait for our government to take action. People from all over the country have come to Colorado as medical cannabis refugees seeking treatment for their child, themselves, or someone else they love dearly. Yet there is not nearly enough cannabis oil, especially Cannabidiol rich oil to meet the current demand—and demand is growing far quicker than supply as citizens educate themselves by reading research studies just like this one! Still, one small gram of CBD oil could potentially treat up to 1000 babies (1000 babies born under 2.2 lbs., unfortunately far too common these days) and “induce neuroprotection” that is so desperately necessary for these high-risk infants!

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