CBD Pushes Forward: Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Registry Grows, PA Trial On The Move

Public health officials reported nearly 200 patients have now qualified for Georgia's new medical marijuana registry.

Public health officials reported nearly 200 patients have now qualified for Georgia’s new medical marijuana registry.

This week in Georgia, public health officials reported that nearly 200 patients now qualified for the state’s new medical marijuana registry. This also includes an increase in the number of doctors now approved to recommend cannabis oil as a treatment.

With such a large influx of patients coming to obtain this oil, the state Commission on Medical Cannabis continues to grapple with issues about the oil and how it works, including how to dose it or how to buy or obtain it. Doctors have also begun calling for training and distributing more information about how it works.

With concerns from residents eager to qualify for the state registry and doctors looking to get more information, the state Department of Public Health has partnered with the Georgia Composite Medical Board to develop the process for physicians who may be approached by patients seeking the oil for treatment.

Advocates are pushing the commission to recommend expanding the law, including developing guidelines related to cultivation and production in Georgia. Law enforcement officials are still skeptical about that, but manufacturers and growers who testified Wednesday said their priority in cultivating plants for the oil include safety, security measures, and testing that, among the top manufacturers, is often done by independent UL-listed laboratories.

“I think there’s just a need for additional information in the medical community of what exactly these products are,” said state Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, the primary author of the new law, who has been among those willing to bridge the gap as needed. “We’ve made sure families that have wanted the product and properly registered with the state have gotten the product.” […]