Consumer Alert: Be Cautious Of “Snake Oil” CBD

Money Bags“Shockingly, the idea of selling CBD products that contain less CBD than is purported by the manufacturer may be an industry standard that only the consumer is unaware of” says Susanne Posel, Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism.

“In 2013, Alan Frankel, medical doctor in California and supporter of the use of CBD said that “for some people, taking one to two milligrams of CBD a day can have a positive effect.”

Frankel was commenting on independent laboratory test results conducted on Dixie X Dew Drops which “was found to contain a … small amount of CBD.”

In fact, the Werc Shop laboratory test results showed “CBD concentrations at significantly lower levels than the ‘approximately 100 mgs CBD and other cannabinoids’ promised on the label of the one once Dixie X Dew Drops … which retails for $40 per bottle.”

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