Clock Strikes Midnight In Georgia

Representative Allen Peake

Representative Allen Peake







The following excerpt is from Representative Allen Peake concerning the consequences of Georgia State legislative officials not taking a serious look at the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol and seizures:

“The Hopkins family didn’t have the option of moving to another state to obtain cannabis oil for Abe. The logistical, financial and travel challenges were too great. Therefore, they pinned their hopes on Georgia passing a bill that would allow them to give their child this life-changing oil. This strain of cannabis has elevated levels of CBD (cannabidiol, the compound in cannabis that has medical properties), and is low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component in marijuana), and has been drastically reducing seizures for kids in Colorado and other states where cannabis oil is legal.

This particular cannabis oil cannot make a child “high.” CBD can, though, help reduce, or even eliminate, seizures. But the Hopkins family couldn’t obtain this particular strain of cannabis in Georgia, so they worked to help pass the bill, and when it failed, they prayed that Abe would not have that final, fatal seizure before the next legislative session convened in January. Tragically, he did have that seizure.

So now, we are left to wonder how many more children won’t make it until next year. How many more funerals will those fighting for this cause have to attend? How many more parents will have to bury their child as a result of a seizure?”

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