Charlotte Mom: “I’m concerned about new CBD oils law”

WECT News: Cannabidiol Worries

In July, Governor Pat McCrory  signed a bill making CBD oils, a compound shown to have great results with people battling epilepsy, legal in North Carolina. The bill becomes law October 1st.

A month out from that deadline, there appears to be some obstacles in getting CBD oils to kids whose parents desperately want to try it.

“CBD oils is it for us,” says Abby Childers, a Charlotte mom. “My 5-year-old Bethany has brain damage, a form of cerebral palsy and intractable epilepsy. We’ve looked into it – brain surgery is not an option. She’s already on 16 medications. CBD oils are our last hope. I rejoiced when I watched the Governor sign the law.” She sighs. “But now I’m worried.”

The new law states all CBD oils – called “hemp oils” in the legislative wording – must be doled out through pilot studies at four medical facilities. Those four hospitals are: UNC, Duke, Wake Forest and ECU.

“We’re in Charlotte,” Childers said. “It’d be ideal to have a local hospital here involved. We can drive, but what are we supposed to do every time there’s a major seizure or issue? Airlift her to Duke? That could be three times a week.”

Abby also said there’s an issue of supply and demand. So many states have implemented laws to use CBD oils that the few places in Colorado making it – one being “Realm of Caring” which WBTV toured earlier this year – don’t have enough to send everywhere.

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