CBD Stories: Heather McClain from Pennsylvania

Heather McClain lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She works at Healthy Ride Bike Share and was a producer at public radio 90.5 WESA. She spoke with us about her experience with CBD.

NectarLeaf: Thank you so much for taking time to speak with us. Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

Heather McClain: I’m originally from Malvern, Pennsylvania. It’s a suburb outside of Philadelphia – Southwest of Philly. Right now I work for Healthy Ride Bike Share. I am the Community Initiatives Manager for them, kind of a community liaison, among other duties. It’s a lot of fun.

NL: When was your first experience with CBD oil?

HM: Actually I was working in public radio at them time – I guess it would have been like 2014. I found a website online where they were selling the oil with drops. I was using that for a little while and then I had trouble finding it. I think at the time it was still controversial to be able to sell in the state. So it was hard for me to do it continuously.

NL: What was your reason for trying CBD?

HM: I had heard that it helps with anxiety and migraines to some extent. And I had been dealing with both, as well as some depression. I was taking prescription medication. At the time I wasn’t really finding a prescription that was working with me, so I thought I would try this out in the meantime as kind of a softer way of getting at the problem. And it was pretty helpful. I did kind of feel the effects. My friend Susie had mentioned it as well, and she suggested I take a bottle home with me at one point, and I didn’t, because… I don’t know. But I actually wound up getting it.

NL: Do you take CBD on the daily?

HM: Well I was taking CBD gummies and I need to order some more. So I’ve kind of had a gap in the last two weeks. But I was taking it daily. I still take a prescription anxiety medication and I would take it at the same time that I would take that.

NL: You did mention that you noticed it was helpful. Can you be a little more specific as to the areas that you did notice that it targeted and helped you?

HM: The biggest thing was just my mood in general. And my sense of purpose or focus. With the anxiety medications that I take kind of helps me in just a calming way. Whereas when I have the CBD on top of that, I feel kind of more of a sense of accomplishment, and feel more productive. I feel a little more focused, and even if I don’t get all of my tasks done for the day, I don’t dwell on it in the same way, if that makes sense.

NL: That makes total sense. I can relate to that. Have you noticed any negative side effects when taking the CBD oil?

HM: Just in my pocket, that’s about it. It gets a little expensive. And just trying to be able to find different sources for it. I haven’t really found a consistent brand or company or even medium that has worked best for me. It’s lately been gummies, but in the past it’s been oils.

NL: Do you advocate for CBD oil with your friends, coworkers, family memebers?

HM: It’s not something I really bring up in conversation often. If somebody’s talking about it and it gets brought up then, yeah, I definitely will relate some of my experiences with it.

NL: Thank you Heather. On behalf of all of us at Nectar Leaf I appreciate your time. I hope you have a wonderful day.

HM: Sure!

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