CBD Stories: Interview with Brandy McCoy from Indiana

by Anita Arguello and Brian Gallagher

Brandy McCoy runs  The Rose Tattoo, a tattoo studio in Layfayette, Indiana, with her husband Josh. She has been researching and advocating for CBD for the past decade and taking CBD daily for over a year, and also gives it to her pets. Brandy has also volunteered with the Michigan Marijuana Seeds Club in an outreach campaign to help cancer patients, children with epilepsy, and others get access to proper care.

Nectar Leaf: On behalf of myself and everyone at Nectar Leaf, thank you for taking some time out of your day to answer a few of our questions.

Brandy McCoy: Absolutely.

NL: Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

BM: I am from Kokomo, Indiana and I co-own a tattoo studio with my husband Joshua in Lafayette, Indiana.

NL: When did you first hear about CBD?

BM: Probably about ten years ago. I actually worked undercover with an organization out of Michigan. We were called in to assist people who were dying of cancer, or children who had severe epilepsy. And I started researching it through the organization that I work for now. And I started learning more from different people, starting doing conferences, learning more and more from pretty much anything I could get my hands on about CBD.

NL: That’s awesome. Do you personally take CBD?

BM: I do, every day.

NL: And you’ve been taking CBD daily for how long?

BM: Probably just about a little over a year now. I go through an organization called Sisters of the Valley from Colorado. It’s a group of nuns that grow really high quality hemp. And I buy their salves also. So if you can point to the pain on your body with your finger, you can use this to rub it directly on there. It works in two minutes. So I do that with them, and then I also have a CBD pen that I buy locally here that I smoke.

NL: How do you feel CBD has helped you?

BM: Daily life and stress is hard on adults. It really is. Because we are compacted with so much more interaction now than what we were before, especially with the internet at our fingertips. And I think, really, no adult is safe from anxiety. The CBD really counteracts that whole thing in your system. Once you take the CBD, our system already has endocannabinoids in it, so once you add the CBD into it, it activates that in our body, and releases a little bit of serotonin which is that nice, good feeling of euphoria you get. It actually takes away the pressure of anxiety in your body and system, for myself personally, and that’s why I’ve continued to take it for the last year.

NL: Have you noticed any side effects at all?

BM: Sometimes, maybe, at the end of the day I feel more sleepy than normal. But I think it’s because I don’t have the anxiety kicking so hard – that’s generally what would rule my whole day. I’m the type of person that, I’m allergic to caffeine, so I can’t have any kind of Coke or coffee to keep me going like most people do. And my anxiety used to do that for me. It would just jolt me up, jolt me out of bed. But now that I have the CBD, it helps to regulate that. So I kinda feel just maybe a little more sleepy at night, but nothing really bad. I mean I welcome the sleep! *laughs*

NL: Yeah don’t we all! So in your opinion, do you think CBD is completely safe?

BM: I think it is. For the longest time it’s been safe. We just haven’t had access to it, unfortunately. I think Big Pharma and the government go hand in hand, and you really can’t make money on a cure. It’s one of those things that caught on, and they’re going to do whatever they can do to get it and keep it. Because everybody really needs CBD. From your child, to your adult, to your pet, it really is just an amazing, wonderful thing to have. And it’s all natural so you really can’t beat that.

NL: Since you brought up the pet thing.. if you have pets, do you give CBD to your pets?

BM: I do! Yes I do, actually. I have an aging cat and he became very colicky right after my son was born. He would just sit in a room and go “meow meow meow meow meow”. He had been neutered his whole life. And I thought, maybe it’s arthritis or something like that. I was afraid of going and having a couple hundred dollars wrapped up at the vet office. I just researched CBD use in pets, and I gave him a couple drops in his food. Maybe once a week to start out. He started doing really good, started acting like a regular, younger cat. He started playing again, very active. And then on the other spectrum we’ve adopted a five month old puppy. He’s a Jack Russell terrier that goes 100 miles an hour all day long. You can literally never wear the dog out. So we give him CBD oil to help with any anxiety or stuff like that. Because we’re gone at work and he’s kenneled while we’re at work. So we give him a little CBD, and he’s nice and calm and relaxed, and just ready to low-key play with us.

NL: So there are noticeable differences in them by just giving them the CBD.

BM: Absolutely. I just got a phone call about 4 days ago. One of my girlfriend’s daughters, she has two huskies, and the older husky was actually having seizures. And she hadn’t had a seizure in two years. And she had had three in just two days. So she was very afraid that something was going to happen with her. So I just took her over a vial of CBD and told her to administer it to him and she gave me a phone call and a text like a couple of hours later saying “Chillin’ like a villain” and the dog was just chillin’ on the bed like “I’m good”.

If you would like to share your CBD story, whether it involves you or your pets, contact Brian for Nectar Leaf at gallagher dot liberty at gmail dot com

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